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Triggers. Triggered betting is the main feature of MarketFeeder. You can make it do whatever you need with the triggers. Every customer is eligible for a certain number of free trigger solutions, see details on Trigger Development service here . You start by setting which trap you lay on after a certain trap number won the previous race. For instance, if Trap 1 wins, you lay on Trap 2 in the next game. If Trap 2 wins, you lay on Trap 3 and so on. The sequence does not really matter, you can do Trap 4 after Trap 1, or Trap 6 after Trap 3. The triggers below will do for any. Laying in Total Goals with loss recoupment. The following triggers will work only in a specific type of market: "Total Goals" in Soccer matches. Its staking principle ( handicap with any number of winners) makes it possible to recoup the loss from the bet placed on the first outcome in a bet placed on the next outcome. Football / .

12 Jan 37 Replies Views, Last post Thu, 16 April, , by liltbrockie · NEW ****"Le Tour de France " Trigger Special Event. Started by BettingDev_Team. 1 Replies Views, Last post Fri, 04 July, , by BettingDev_Team · GOOD NEWS FOR FOOTBALL FANS! Special World Cup ! Started by. 26 Mar TRIGGERED BETTING: We can design any MarketFeeder Pro triggers you need! With a set of instructions called a 'trigger', we can order MFP to perform any, even the most sophisticated, combination of bets conditioned by the special criteria you have specified in your strategy. Use our skrills to design a. It's very interesting direction, but unfortunately, at the moment we are searching for a professional developer, which can process your orders regarding that program. What we are offering you now are triggers for the X-Feeder, which been created for gambling on the Betfair exchange games. Just read more information about.

Triggered betting has been set up using the power of Microsoft Excel. People relatively new to exchange trading may want to follow pre-defined rules for various tried and tested exchange trading techniques. The pre set triggers available with MarketFeeder Pro allow traders to test new trading strategies before they commit. All sports betting lovers sooner or later want to automate the placing of bets. There are several assistant platforms for automated and semi automated betting on Betfair, but only MarketFeeder Pro is sophisticated enough to offer its customers the opportunity to automate their bets by trigger. The trigger is a set of logical. Our new edition of the market analyzing software for BetFair – MarketFeeder Pro – allows you to implement triggered betting in your every-day sessions at BetFair. Suppose you monitor the first three favourites in-play and you want to back on one of them as soon as its price reaches You can even make the condition.


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