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Action · In , a Chinese martial artist returns to Shanghai to find his teacher dead and his school harassed by the Japanese. Chen has Huo's corpse exhumed for an autopsy against the wishes of Huo Ting' en and Jingwu's members. It is revealed that Huo Yuanjia was poisoned and weakened before his match against Akutagawa. Over the next few days, word of Chen's victory against Akutagawa spreads and Chen becomes a local celebrity in. Jingwu Yingxiong Chen Zhen is a Chinese television series based on the story of Chen Zhen, a fictional student of the Chinese martial artist Huo Yuanjia. The series is a sequel to the television series The Legend of Huo Yuanjia, with Wu Yue reprising his role as Chen Zhen.

Jet Li stars in this historical Hong Kong action film, as Chen Zhen, a Chinese student in Japan in the s. When his master is killed during the Japanese occupation of China, he returns to avenge his teacher's death. Back in China, he finds himself caught in the escalating racial tensions between the Chinese and the. Jet Li's best film by far. A remake of Bruce Lee's Fist of Fury, it actually surpasses the original in every way except for Jet having less star quality than Bruce. With the exception of a couple if moves the fights do not use any wires, and show off Jet's skills to the full. Also the characters are a lot more complex than in Fist of Fury. a loose remake of bruce lee's fist of fury and a homage to some of his other films, fist of legend exceeds some of those films through superior choreography and a more painfully relevant undertone to the story line. the musical score was a weak spot and there were elements of the bruce lee version that drew out the passion.

my fave jet li movie with twin warriors,outshines bruce lees original on fight scenes and acting(despite the dubbing)one of his old(ish) school chinese classics rather than the weaker films set in fu gets no better than this in the movies. David B. ½ January 16, Best Martial Arts movie I've ever seen. I remember watching this in Chinatown when it first came out. Couldn't help but fidget in my seat during the fight scenes. I think this is much better than Bruce Lee's attempt. So many great scenes The best I think is when he enters the Japanese dojo, smacks them all flat on the floor and as they are getting up he is tying his.


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