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I can't link item to chat since I have a few addons installed. Is it related to those addons?(All my addons are installed by the addon manager)Please help [image]. According to the Linker Master, the magic of the Linkers starts with finding how to connect to your foe. She believes you can learn with practice, so attack monsters and try to find their point of connection. Links party members and shares damage. Can be canceled by the Unbind skill.

As it says in the title. When I first started this game I tried to build a Linker because, on paper, the skill looked like it could be good. But as I quickly discovered, it's the "suicide-and-everyone-hates-you" button, and have long since rerolled as something else. Conceptually, Linker is still really interesting to me. About. A community gathered around Tree of Savior, a MMORPG created by IMC Games. Flair Search. Please make sure to appropriately flair your posts. If you do not know how, click here. Builds · Addons · Trade. Subreddit Reminder. Please take the time to thoroughly read our rules and guidelines. 11 Nov Tree of Savior (English Ver.) Store Page. View Stats: Global Achievements · Tree of Savior (English Ver.) > General Discussions > Topic Details. SoundtraX · View Profile View Posts. Nov 11, @ am. Can't link item on shout I see many shouts with item links, but when I try it I get the cannot exceed.


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